welcome to the.


01 our intention. 

A basic concept. A black and white approach. A space based on physical principles and personal strength goals. A studio that combines the functional benefits of Pilates, Strength and Aesthetic Circuit Training. 

We are a boutique space with transparent intentions located in the base of Byron Bay. We pride ourselves on our community, our trainers and our committed studio based hustlers. 


03 our people.

we are our people.

we are our trainers. 

we push, we encourage we are entirely dedicated to your progress. 



Our wild, knowledgeable and entirely dedicated Director.

With over 9 years of experience specialising in group fitness, circuit, hiit, mat and barre pilates. Alexz teaches a fun, well rounded,  fast moving class focusing on burning, shaping and toning whilst maintaining correct alignment throughout.  



Our energetic, passionate and absolute weapon of a Head Trainer. With over 4 years of experience specialising in pilates, barre, group exercise, resistance training, high intensity and circuit training. Sami teaches a posture focused, high energy, boundary pushing class. 



Our bubbly, friendly and overly motivating instructor. With over 6 years of experience specialising in pilates, barre, personal training, strength and conditioning, pre + postnatal as well as rehab. Elle teaches a high intensity, high energy class focusing on alignment and correct muscle engagement. 



Our engaging, motivating and overly attentive instructor. With over 3 years of full time pilates practice transitioning into her early years of teaching. Jess teaches a fast flowing, core focused, muscle burning, easy transitioning class.



Our ninja Operations Manager. She's our absolute go to. She is your secret best friend. If you have a problem, she has the solution. She is the creative talent and intention behind everything we do, forever prioritising and creatively growing our HUSTL. family. 


04 our classes.

our classes are challenging. our instructors are accommodating.  

we don’t modify, we motivate, 

we don’t do easy, we do sweaty. 

HUSTL has two signature style classes. 


FORM  A seamless 45 minutes of shaping and toning. A loud, high energy and low intensity class. Minimal bouncing. Maximum burning. Focusing on the stabilising muscles, Form combines the benefits of Barre and Mat pilates in a group instructed class. Form is suitable for all levels and abilities and is done in bare feet. 


PACE - Efficient, effective and results focused. A seamlessly structured 45 minute circuit class focused primarily on developing lean muscle mass. Pace combines the benefits of progressive pilates, resistance based cardio and equipment based aesthetic training. Pace focuses on optimising your body’s burning and shaping potential. Pace is taught in 6 station circuit-styled class. Pace is suitable for all levels and abilities and is done in running shoes. 


04 our contact

General Enquiries - sweat@hustl.com.au
Existing Membership & Subscription Enquiries - admin@hustl.com.au

Phone Enquires - 0478-568-278 
* Mon to Fri - 9AM - 10AM.

8B/11 Banskia Drive, Byron Bay.